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Project Description
Application to export and import resx file to xlsx.

The application is an Excel 2010 AddIn to modify the values and comments in a resource file.


  • Import resx
  • Generate localized resx files, like .de-DE.resx, en-US.resx, hu-HU.resx
  • Synchronize localized resources with the .resx file
  • Publish the localized files back to resx

How does it work:

  1. Open a .resx (it also opens all the localized resource files of the .resx in separated spreadsheets from the folder)
  2. Add a new localized resource if you want
  3. Translate the values and comment
  4. Click on publish or publish all menu to save the localized resource 
  5. Close excel, you dont have to save the xlsx since the import from xlsx without resx's is not working yet.
  6. Import your localized resx files to your project using VS.

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