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  1. Install the Addin
  2. Open Excel 2010
  3. Click on Resx Converter tab on the Ribbon
  4. Click on open and browse the resx file.
    NOTE: The resx and the localized resource files en-US.resx, de-DE.resx (if you have) must be stored in the same directory
    The tabs below are showing the resource and localized versions.
  5. Select a Culture Name from the drop down list and click on Generate, it generates a new tab having the same resource keys and values that are available in the main resource file.
  6. Translate your content and click on “Publish as ResX” to save the localized resource file.

If you want to reset your localized resource file you can lick on Sync with Resx button, it reloads you resource sheet with the content of the localized resource resx file, you also can re-fill it by clicking on Re-fill selected from Root underneath Sync with Resx split button. It re-loads the localized resource from the main resource file.

Planned features are here

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